i thought about an old long lost friend from high school and she emailed me all of a sudden

i bought a big bag of dried mushrooms from costco and all of sudden there was a mushroom recipe on food tv

i wanted to be part of a project at work and all of a sudden i got included

this stuff happens all the time

do we make our own reality?


Anonymous said...

you must have hear of
the secret

Mehrabaneman said...

Yes we make our own destiny to alot of extend. Must see THE SECRET.You may see 8 min. of it on youtub.

Magical Droplets said...

I was talking about the same thing to a friend today, and then now i go to your blog and see this post!!!

Based on my personal experience, i have recently come to realized the energy you thoughts have.

negar said...

in intro to psychology there was a section of the book dedicated to this concept. it had a name, which i obviously can't remember. basically it said that the human mind is more likely to remember and highlight the experience when such coincidences happen than when they don't happen. So when you think of someone and then he or she calls you, your mind is trained to disregard all the times that you thought of that person and he or she didn't call. i mean what about all those times that you bought other things from costco and you never saw a recipe on food network?

shadi said...

can't argue with u negar.

Ali said...

..oh the secret..yes it is a secret...i have news for you the same old shit different packaging...the power of positive thinking..oh be positive and good things will happen to you and when you are negative your live will turn to shit...be positive oh you sales people out there and you'll make a tone of dow..somebody tell those jack asses that the one that is getting all they want is the guy who is selling you the dvd and laughing at your ass all the way to the bank..i wonder how that concept would fair in fucking Iraq right now..those 800 thousand or so that went bye bye must of not heard of this secret!! or maybe the 50 thousand that died in bam just missed the sale date .. life is shit for the most part and than if you are lucky you'll have moments of temporary relief at best.. the only way to be happy with a clear conscience is to give it up and move to the mountains, other than that we are all contributors to this greed infested system we call society!

naaraam said...

Hi, some time ago I wrote about the same experience I've always had, here:
(خواب نمناک)

It's really interesting that I see all other guys have the same experience :)