where is my john wayne?
where is my prairie son?
where is my happy ending?
where have all the [archives] gone???


Ali said...

where have all the comments gone? .. like spirits of the past..they are just wondering about in cyberspace..they are souls that once had a blog but now the blog has stopped due to inactivity.. some people believe that blogs never end, they never die.. they simply go from one form to another ...they reincarnate... they might become a webpage or even a pop up.. in it’s past life it could have been a Word document or a lonely chatroom with no members..anything is possible.
you know how sometimes a comment is posted on a blog and they connect immediately and it can’t let go and it keeps posting..well chances are they might have known each other in a past life…one could have been an auction site that went out of business and the other an item that never sold.. a page that never got a single click… and the page kept extending the auction but no one clicked not even once.. so they just hanged on to each other for many months before that tragic end.... you never know..it's very TRON like..

Tamah said...

Good post.