i need to know who i am...

after 5 years of reading my crap, can u tell me who i am?


Ali said...

..like a rainbow in shiraz!
on an afternoon in bahAr
you break it down
like the sun's reflections
on misty rain
you arch the city
you show no pain
if somewhow you could find
where colors end their shine
you know what they say
pot of gold's on the way
believe in yourself
all that you preach
upper echelon of happiness
at grasp within reach..

linda said...

Well did u ever think wat will happen , if god forbid you found out who you are??
I mean What is the guarrantee that you wont start hating yourself??
Believe me I have been done that road, there is not much there.. no pun intended of course..
i dont mean you, i mean myself..
sometimes its better not to know much..
remember that sienfeld Episode where he met the girl of his dreams.. the GIRL who was just like himself, and he asked her to marry him just to find out that He can't really leave with someone who was just like HIM, cause he hated HIMSELF!!!
Again no pun intended!!

linda said...

its interesting to see that only "Us people of Shiraz," are interested in the matters of "Khodshenasi !!!!"

Ali said...

people from Shiraz and vicinity have lots of issues with identity!! i know i do..
figuring out if i am the descendents of Hakhamaneshi, Ashkani, Sasani, Ghasghaii, Zandi, Zartoshti, Islami, Farsi, Irani and the latest for us here Irani-Americaii....??!!

negar said...

what would you do after you found out who you are?

nomad said...

several answers.
1-you are shadi
2-you are what you are
3-you are what you eat
4-pardon?do i know u?

this is me nwa