i need to know who i am...

after 5 years of reading my crap, can u tell me who i am?
i finally saw 300... i'm one to always criticize petitions and say stop acting like victims... but this one was just way too ironic and hit too close to home and it even pissed me off... the timing and the current parallels that are implied are just too much for the movie to be coincidental... all through the movie i was thinking of this one poem my friend has written about iranians vs. persians and how the word iranian is associated with negative things such as terrorism and the axis of evil and persian is associated with rugs and cats and romanticism... well here we go... there goes the word persian for us too... now our widely glorified history is associated with ghoulish evil monsters led by an over sized power crazy god! it dawned on me why i always hated history... it's too open to interpretation!!!
i gave in and changed my template after 5 years... it pained me to lose your comments... but sometimes u just have to let go...


you know what i miss right now?

walking across the street to hayes valley after work and drinking a glass of ice cold beer on tap in a funky old bar full of character and characters... and then meeting up with friends for some tapas in a dimly lit place talking about whether we would kill hitler if we travelled back in time and met him by accident before he became who he became...


where is my john wayne?
where is my prairie son?
where is my happy ending?
where have all the [archives] gone???


i hate it when the toilet seat cover slips into the toilet before u get a chance to sit down

yes, my life is so stable right now that my only blog update is toilet related.