i had worms as a kid... tapeworms to be exact... i was going to link to a picture, but they are just too disgusting looking and i didn't want to search the websites that came up... i think i was 7 or 8... i got them after a visit to london... my mom believed i got them cause we ate ham while we were there... i didn't tell anyone for the longest time... i don't know what i was thinking... i just dealt with it and a couple of times i was scared to death by what was coming out of me... i guess i got fed up... i finally told my parents... at the time, our next door neighbor was a doctor who had studied in america... he came over with a book and asked me to identify the kind of worms i had... there were all kinds of photos of worms and i found my worms... i guess i hadn't told anyone because i wasn't sure what the cure may be... i would be horrified if they had to get in there manually or if all the worms would start coming out all of a sudden... but this doctor... this doctor from america... he gave me some pills and some laxatives... he said everything will melt and come out and i won't even notice anything... and that's exactly how it happened... and that's how i lost all my worms and lived a worm-free life happily ever after.

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