just a pointless useless update:

--i've been getting up at 5:00 AM every day and starting work at 6:00... i secretly like it... it's sick

--we're looking for a drummer to start the band again... everyone wants to play heavy metal here... our music is too soft and straight forward!

--i'm so thinking about revenge on a couple... an inconsiderate couple who are hurting my husband's feelings... bastards... we even sent them a wedding gift when they got married... i hope they choke if they eat out of that bowl...

--AZ is boring... not that i wanna go back... that would be even worse...

--no sign of creepy crawlies... i'm scared of summer...

--i bought these big sunglasses cause they are hip... with makeup they are great but without i look like a blind person... i can't believe i paid so much for them...

--my right knee still hurts

--so does my ego


can we talk about six feet under again... which i just watched all over... did i ever write in here that when i was leaving the bay area i felt like claire fisher leaving LA and her family behind at the end of the series ... except the background song was different... it was ugly side by blue october for me... anyone who watched six feet under to the end will know how significant and powerful that last episode was... and how uncontrollably sad and real... i have a new god on my list... next to my other few gods... his name is alan ball.
i can make a great blog out of all the comments on this blog

and then sell it

and be rich

w/o giving anyone credit for it

just take it all

and run

to a distant land

and start a blog there again


do people who are afraid of making mistakes not grow or learn as much?


a tad depressed... for no reason but PMS.


i look at someone like this and i think u just have to have it from the start... i mean i like to believe that everyone can do anything and u just have to tap into it... but how can u deny it when u see this? some people just have it... these are the ones who make it... i mean what am i doing close to 40 trying to make something out of myself with the 4 chords that i know? i should stick to my IT job and my regular paychecks and have an average life that i deserve...


i had worms as a kid... tapeworms to be exact... i was going to link to a picture, but they are just too disgusting looking and i didn't want to search the websites that came up... i think i was 7 or 8... i got them after a visit to london... my mom believed i got them cause we ate ham while we were there... i didn't tell anyone for the longest time... i don't know what i was thinking... i just dealt with it and a couple of times i was scared to death by what was coming out of me... i guess i got fed up... i finally told my parents... at the time, our next door neighbor was a doctor who had studied in america... he came over with a book and asked me to identify the kind of worms i had... there were all kinds of photos of worms and i found my worms... i guess i hadn't told anyone because i wasn't sure what the cure may be... i would be horrified if they had to get in there manually or if all the worms would start coming out all of a sudden... but this doctor... this doctor from america... he gave me some pills and some laxatives... he said everything will melt and come out and i won't even notice anything... and that's exactly how it happened... and that's how i lost all my worms and lived a worm-free life happily ever after.


back to work... what would we do if we didn't have work to go back to? yeah... i thought i'll fulfill all my dreams if i didn't have to work too... but i had the chance and all i did was whine and sleep... so long live work... u keep me hanging on...
"Home is where the heart is, everything else is kinda awkward!"

what a great line... have to credit bijan for something so true...