--i bought "silly putty" yesterday cause as a kid i had it and it amused me much, but i don't know what to do with it now

--i found friends from the past on the internet and got excited and made initial contact and then never contacted them again

--i think i'm better than most, or deeper, or darker, or different--an elitist

--i have a secret that i cannot share under any circumstances, but 5 people know it

--i get hurt easily but i'm capable of hurting deeply

--i'm judgmental

--i drop my friends like flies and they all know it

--i'm really not that deep, but i give off the aura that i am by keeping silent or making a joke--i'm shallower than most know

--i may tell others' secrets at a time of excitement or non-caring

--i don't care much about anything, even things i think i'm passionate about

--i'm just another person

--i may have just lied about all this

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