phoenix update:

as i had suspected and feared, i've been having chunky spider problems at the rental and some of you know how i feel about that... mini heart attacks all over the place... last time this happened i changed homes! the hubby won't get here for another 3 weeks and i'm all alone and w/o protection... the last 2 nights i spent at a hotel! thankfully, my dad's coming to visit tonight and i'm saved... the following is one coworkers solution to my problem... others are welcomed too...

Mike: "Maybe if you turn some scorpions and gila monsters loose they'll eat the spiders? Then you get a rattlesnake to eat the scorpions and gila monsters. Then you rent the apt to a redneck for a month so he can eat the snake. Last, hire a cleaner to patch the bullet holes and mop up, then you can move in by Thanksgiving."

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