phoenix update number 3: i found great sushi in glendale, az by total accident! i'm so shocked and excited!

tokyo lobby, 5775 west bell road, suite 9

sweet sweet cozy place

all is well and dandy... there's hope


me and my best friend's taste in music is like our taste in kentucky fried chicken... she likes original, i like crispy, but it's still kentucky fried chicken!


phoenix update number 2: found a sushi bar in peoria, AZ on google last night and went there by my lonesome after work... as with everything else phoenix so far, the place was huge, very cold, and full of white people... most of them eating sushi with their forks... the sushi was mediocre... the chinese waitress had never tried or heard of unfiltered sake before... the chef was mexican... they were playing classic rock in the background... and on the way out i was thinking to myself, i need to find a good cozy sushi place around here while the blonde hostess bid me farewell...


phoenix update:

as i had suspected and feared, i've been having chunky spider problems at the rental and some of you know how i feel about that... mini heart attacks all over the place... last time this happened i changed homes! the hubby won't get here for another 3 weeks and i'm all alone and w/o protection... the last 2 nights i spent at a hotel! thankfully, my dad's coming to visit tonight and i'm saved... the following is one coworkers solution to my problem... others are welcomed too...

Mike: "Maybe if you turn some scorpions and gila monsters loose they'll eat the spiders? Then you get a rattlesnake to eat the scorpions and gila monsters. Then you rent the apt to a redneck for a month so he can eat the snake. Last, hire a cleaner to patch the bullet holes and mop up, then you can move in by Thanksgiving."