we were searched from head to toe, my mom and i... we had to get rid of all the gel and liquid in our carry-ons... we were taken to a room and our luggage was searched thoroughly... the luggage that we had packed so carefully... we were escorted to the gate... we couldn't even get coffee cause security would follow us... we were the first to board the plane and gotten rid of even though we flew economy... on the plane the 3 guys in front of us were drunk and loud and we couldn't sleep the 8 hours, but we could not complain in fear of being seen as aggressive... the two women that we were... on the next plane the lady next to me had an ass 7 times bigger than mine and believe me, my ass is not that small... she raised the arm rest, smiled at me and her thigh touched mine the whole 6 hours... (ok that last point didn't have anything to do with the rest)... in miami, spanish speaking officers questioned our nationality... they spoke to each other about us in spanish... they took out their notes to see how we should be treated... my mom and i who have been in the states for 20 years... but with all that, i got to see my cousin... and that was worth the money, the pain, and the embarrassment.

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