my uncle has a blog now! but u can post replies in farsi only... if u go there say hi to him for me too!


half eaten sandwiches
half taken classes
half a masters degree
half code half talk
half guitar lessons
half art classes
half smiles
half recognitions
half checks
half employments
half wine connoisseur
half poet
half housewife
half clean
half funny
half married
half daughter
not a mother
but if i was
that would be half too
half decorator
half beader
half greeting card maker
half good driver
2 totalled cars
half insured
half reader
half singer
half musician
half fan
half gourmet cook
half full
half empty
half full of shit
the other half hanging
i have to tell u
in my old age
more and more every day
i realize
that i'm mediocre
i used to think i was special
but no
i'm just mediocre
have always been

m e d i o c r e