things that i know right at this moment:

-that soup i just had was too spicy
-should i wear my scarf?
-maybe i'm dehydrated... i read somewhere that exhaustion is a sign of dehydration...
-i better go to the bathroom
-i can see the frame of my glasses all the time while i'm wearing them... what the hell...
-why is the "publish post" button orange?!
-i don't feel like going all the way to the post office to buy "pretty" stamps
-i have to go to the bank
-can i have soup, coffee, and water back to back?
-i need to get a safety deposit box
-snore... snore... snore...
-falling sleep in my cube
-why the hell am i posting if i don't have a thing to write?!
-i better go
-oh i got an email


maybe if i was more observant i would write more... or better... or both... maybe...


also, it sucks to be reading ur own old posts for inspiration!
it sucks to be happy.