our IT department [which i'm a part of] is moving out of state [and out of the truly beloved, sacred and unmatched san francisco bay area, as told by the locals] and i'm considering the move [to phoenix or portland or salt lake city god forbid]... however... once again... i'm being judged by coworkers [i'm from the middle east and must know the mentality of terrorists, remember?]... here are some of the comments i've heard so far:

-i don't understand the mentality of someone who would consider
-i think a person who would consider is just plain dumb
-i think the people who'll move have farmer mentalities

why spend so much energy judging others on a decision that's only theirs and will effect only their own lives?!

i would feel like i don't belong no matter where i am... i'm forever an immigrant and looked upon as one... so what difference does it make for me anyway? besides, all i ever need is in my head... i'm not concerned about the excitement of external stimulation... a bar is a bar and a bakery is a bakery... san francisco bay area [as lovely, elitist and discriminating as it is] can kiss my ass this time.

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