ok... here it is finally: tomgirlmusic.com


today, i'm god

but two and a half hours ago when i got up late all grumpy just to face another day of long commute and busy work schedule, i was only human

today, i'm god

but half hour ago when a problem was forwarded to me that i couldn't solve, i was only human

today, i'm god

but five minutes ago when i came here to announce my godliness to the world, i was only human

today, i'm god

who know what tomorrow brings


blah blah blah

yes, i'm still in existence


this cholAgh [limping] indian guy likes me at work... he gets to excited every time he sees me...

also the chubby mexican barista at the cafe

and this janitor guy who calls me honey and smiles showing a gold tooth

is this how people meet their significant others in the workplace?!!! :-)


our IT department [which i'm a part of] is moving out of state [and out of the truly beloved, sacred and unmatched san francisco bay area, as told by the locals] and i'm considering the move [to phoenix or portland or salt lake city god forbid]... however... once again... i'm being judged by coworkers [i'm from the middle east and must know the mentality of terrorists, remember?]... here are some of the comments i've heard so far:

-i don't understand the mentality of someone who would consider
-i think a person who would consider is just plain dumb
-i think the people who'll move have farmer mentalities

why spend so much energy judging others on a decision that's only theirs and will effect only their own lives?!

i would feel like i don't belong no matter where i am... i'm forever an immigrant and looked upon as one... so what difference does it make for me anyway? besides, all i ever need is in my head... i'm not concerned about the excitement of external stimulation... a bar is a bar and a bakery is a bakery... san francisco bay area [as lovely, elitist and discriminating as it is] can kiss my ass this time.
this blog substitutes the little people in my head... u know... the little people in our heads that we talk to when we're kids? them...


i welcome change with open arms... catastrophe kits with bottled water, canned food and copies of important documents don't appeal to me... it's exciting to just let life/nature/fate take over...


what's up with people who are always on the defensive? like everything is about them? like everyone's out to get them? like they have to constantly prove that no one can take their rights away? alright already! take it easy and breathe!

mix that with a temper and u have to go get a restraining order against them!
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