allow me to be ur angel.
today's horoscope:

"A guardian angel in a human guise could come to your aid today. You may not even find out about their intervention until much later. If things seem to smooth out especially quickly or if you receive some excellent news, be aware that it could be the result of someone's advocacy on your behalf. Show the proper gratitude when the time comes. In the meantime, be an angel to someone else."

how much more amazing can life be?


what do u know? another lovely friend with a great blog to come...


favorite movie of the year: garden state
favorite actress of the year: scarlett johansson
favorite actor of the year: zach braff
favorite band of the year: franz ferdinand
favorite song of the year: the reason


isn't 'how old are u?' the most ridiculous question?

what it really means is:

how long have u been around?
how long have u been in this world?
how long have u experienced the worldly delights and discomforts?
how long have u experienced living?
how long have u 'been?'