how do we forget our thoughts? i guess when i was a kid i didn't think much... i just observed much like now... i observed my mom with fear... my dad with admiration... our neighbors with suspicion... my toys carefully... other kids with awe... i just observed without words... without judgement... without bias... with open heart... unlike now
i'm tired of being the fucking nurturer... i want someone to tell ME that everything's gonna be OK for a change...


i'm learning to live life as it is

shopping, dining and watching award shows can be meaningful too
and whatever do u expect of the species who puts a hole in the ozone layer?!


i wanna come up with a list of all the bad things that are good for u...
among the pleasures in life:


i don't care how much bleach i need to use on my teeth!
allow me to allow u!
tolerance is a good trait to perfect and nurture.


end of six feet under

end of TV.

well ok, i guess there's the freaky romance between flavor flave and brigitte nielsen to watch out for...
what will become of the cocaine-induced next generation of iranian-americans?!
amazing how many of my posts start with "i"

how much more can "i" examine myself?
believe it or not the only thing that's safe, sound, comforting and grounding for me these days is my cubicle!


so where's a good place to see my favorite bloggies when i'm in tehran?!