on the train
heading north
heading home
to the unknown

faces pass
faces stare

some smile
holding tight
some let go

i am
a melting pot
hot lava
winter snow

wanting to soar
to forget
wanting to blink
at the blank stare

to my right
solid structure
to my left
moving speed

passing by
heading north
nothing to see

apple plum seed
sunburned sweet
my stomach empty
healthy scream

one gets on
one gets off
gravel and stone
sand paper rough
but soft spoken hips

one is sleep
mumbling lips
hands to the sky
how talk is cheap

moving forward
full velocity
time to head north
once again cold

the buzz of wheels
noting destination
destined to reach

home is close
home is harbor
home is new

air heavy with mist
kiss drenched

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