ken moved to the star program and we're under sally now
sally is the VP of operations
she's a petite but powerful woman in her 60s
with a huge amount of business experience
she comes from 22 years at a company with military bearing
which makes her very task oriented and serious
so when she gathered us all together for a talk
to break her ice cold image
she talked about her personal life first

mostly her husband

she married her high school sweetheart
they have been together for 36 years
he lives and works in texas
she travels back and forth from san francisco to see him
despite the distance
they have one-hour+ phone conversations every night
while she's chopping vegetables in the kitchen
they talk on the speaker phone
they talk about business
they talk about life
they talk about love
he has great insights she says
he's a successful man as well, in the oil business
they help each other stay strong she says
he is her friend
her husband
and her business partner
the more pillars u have in life
the more solid ur foundation she says
they help each other stay strong she says
she loves him she says

how many of us are lucky in that way?
how many of us try?
and how many of us dive in without fear of failing
and in hope of realizing a life like that?

my manager turned around and said with indifference
my husband and i don't talk
we don't HAVE anything to talk about

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