concentrate on the outside
concentrate on the jacket
on the shirt
concentrate on the shoes
on the shimmer
on the shine
on the sheen
inside worlds are not real
they're what we make them out to be

concentrate on that guy's oversized headphones
that lady's overdone hair
concentrate on the third world
not the world that you have built

concentrate on how fast the train moves
concentrate on how much you make
concentrate on the color of the walls
not on what's behind them

concentrate on what's real
what you can taste, touch, and sometimes feel
concentrate on coffee table books
not autobiographies

(and the girl coughed
and coughed
and coughed
with her hand on her mouth
and i wondered all along
if it was my aroma)

concentrate on the delay
and the malfunctioning breaks
not why it happened
not what future it presents
concentrate hard
on the germs in the air

cover yourself good
don't despair
don't let go
on the show
on the pillow
on the poor
on the carpets
in cairo
(even though you may not know)
concentrate on the door
on the color
on the shape
on the hinges
that it turns
not what its entrance

(cell phones--everyone on cell phones--calling work--calling to say--they'll be late--to that meeting--to take care--of that important--action item--to submit that report--late--very late--delays--delays everywhere--delays consuming them--taking minutes out of days--days that will go by fast--go by fast and not return--such important things we take--care of and concentrate on--what matter does it have--what difference do they make--i'm getting off track--i'm getting off track--concentrate)

the brakes are fixed
moving along
concentrate on the gun.

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