so i'm buying junk at walmart and i'm in line with like 50 people ahead of me... the sign says 12 items or less but most people have more and no one says anything... these two black kids, younger girl around 4-5 and a boy around 7-8, with their mom and tough-looking grandma in front of me... grandma is holding a BIG goldfish in a plastic bag and finally when she wants to pay she hands the goldfish to the girl... it's too heavy the girl says after the bag stretches her arms down... grandma says if u don't hold it i'll give the fish to sean... i look away for a second and when i look back sean is holding the bag swaying it from side to side and the girl is quietly crying with lips hanging, wiping the tears with her arms... i was so sad that i missed the middle of the story... i sort of felt sorry for the little girl

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