what can i say?! i just feel musical!
jump jump jump
from table to table
from couch to couch
my little black goat
has got lots to munch
on and ponder about
it follows me everywhere
it follows me around
my little black goat
is always abrupt
when it come to making
comments 'bout my state of mind
when it knows nothing really
of human life
my little black goat
my little black goat
my little black goat
and i
it's the end of the crazy work day as we know it
it's the end of the crazy work day as we know it
it's the end of the crazy work day as we know it

and i'm going hooooooooooome
is anyone watching american idol? don't u just hate that prissy little rich 16 year old who's already too sure of herself? all happy and possitive my ass! it's too soon for her to win ANYthing in life! little monster!


4 of my current favorite rock songs to share:

song 1
song 2
song 3
song 4


so i feel well again (thank god) and i'm back to my routine of taking the train to work instead of driving... and u know how when u take the train for like 7 months at the same time every day, u tend to see the same faces over and over again... so one of these freaky faces (this stalky short bald man) followed me and sat right next to me this morning... so i closed my eyes to take a nap but every time the bastard turned a page of his magazine, his arm brushed against mine... and i hate that! so i kept opening my eyes to evaluate the situation only to find that the guy sitting diagnal from me facing me (this large middle-aged man with a receding hairline) was picking at his face... the next time i opened my eyes he was picking his teeth... the next time he was picking the corner of his eye and then he smelled his finger! needless to say, every god damn time i opened my eyes i witnessed a gruesome act of picking at oneself in public! at one point i opened my eyes and he had his knuckles up his nose!!! i mean come on people! u're in public! how come i'm so aware of my public presence but these people act like there's no one around them??! and to make it worse most these people are very self confident too! anyway... the train ride is too long if u ask me! and usually u see these things... but thank god i'd almost reached my destination by the time that the freak next to me started blowing his nose into his handkerchief... not once, not twice, but many many times! and guess what happened next? he put the kerchief into his pocket of course... right on people! right on!


lately, when i lie in bed late at night, and everyone is sleep, i hear my heart beating: tick tock, tick tock, like a clock, waiting for something to happen


here's the difference:

my non-persian gay friends think i look like catherine zeta jones

my persian and non-persian girlfriends think i look like cate blanchett

my persian guy friends think i look chinese?!??!!!

now although i think all of them need glasses, which group do u think i would gravitate towards the most?!


(read this tomorrow)

happy first day of spring!


i ran into another celebrity... the lead singer of AFI... he was sitting right behind me in the restaurant having vegetarian vietnamese food!


dear god
i lied
i don't wanna have TB
i wanna get well again
i want my energy back
i was just kidding
u know my sense of humor
it sucks
please make me better
i don't wanna be sick anymore
i'm tired of being sick



coughing like crazy... hope i have TB


we have another birthday today!
i ran into carlos santana yesterday... he was sitting in a cafe behind the window... i was walking by right outside the window... i waved to him and smiled... he waved back and smiled... like we knew each other


i think i know what the problem is... i feel lonely again

ooooo... little poor shadi!
btw... we have a birthday today
i was reading my lovely marilyn manson book on the train today with the usual ridiculous grin on my face which u can't help when reading this book, and just when the story was getting exciting these two girls got on the train and started yacking OUT LOUD... on and on about so and so's chinaware and so and so's party and the oscars and what not... to make it worse one the airheads had this huge diamond engagement ring on her finger... i mean, who would marry this loud mouth?! GOD! i had to put my book away and put on my headphones... and i could STILL hear the fuckers! damn... ruined my train ride!
i'm so freakin' depressed today and i have no idea why... there's like an industrial size clamp on my heart or something...