hmmm... what was i gonna say?! i forgot!


the other night i was all relaxed and happy, walking towards the train after work, talking to my friend on the phone and laughing... u know... i was just having a nice day that day... and all of a sudden i hear someone yell: GET OFF THE FUCKIN' PHONE!

what?! startled i looked around and sure enough it was directed towards me... some guy in a big black truck (guys driving big black trucks are always jerks anyway) was trying to get into a parking structure and i was crossing the parking lot's driveway! ON FUCKIN' FOOT!


asshole... ruined my night...
hmmm... do u think it's larry ellison himself who keeps checking my blog from oracle?!

hey larry! stop pushing people around! what's up with the hostile takeovers?!!!
i've been a lot more chatty lately, ha?! chatty in a happy way! what's happening to this blog? it's gonna go to shit!
"There are moments when everyone can strongly feel where their destiny lies. Today will be such a moment for you, dear Pisces. You may soon want to shift the fundamental orientation of your life. Every area of your life will be affected by this new orientation. Where you live, who you live with, your children, your job . . . Interesting times lie ahead for you, dear Pisces. There is no doubt about that!"

wow! can't wait!


i have issues with...
I have issues with...
Take Word Association Test
i'm gonna find me a "metro-sexual!"


dear friend
i'm honored that u see me beautiful
dear friend
i'm honored that u don't find me boring
dear friend
i'm honored that u find my jokes funny
dear friend
i'm honored that u take me in any state of being
without judgment
dear friend
i'm honored that u give ur friendship
to me
dear friend
i'm honored to be in ur company
dear friend
i'm honored that u trust me
dear friend
dear friend
i'm honored and i love u
dear friend
i hope u get well soon




i don't want a mediocre man
i don't want a mediocre marriage
i don't want a mediocre job
i don't want a mediocre life
i don't want mediocre clothes
i don't want mediocre friends
i don't want mediocre thoughts
i don't want anything mediocre
i don't love mediocre


reasons people have kids:

--they like their last names too much
--they like themselves too much
--they think it's cute
--they are lonely
--they wanna know what/who it'll look like
--they think it's romantic
--they want a baby cheek to suck on
--they wanna take care of something
--they want something to love them
--they wanna get the man to marry them
--they wanna prove they're not like their parents
--they wanna torture something
--they're bored
--they're tired of people telling them to have'em
--they think they must
--they think there's actually a clock
--they think they may regret it later if they don't
--they want government money
--they don't wanna be lonely in their old age
--they wanna build a basketball team
--they wanna play with something
--they wanna carry on the "name"
--they wanna stay home

is it just me or none of these reasons really make sense?! all i see here is selfish behavior!

(this post is dedicated to the fish)
to all the handyman and women out there: i have a dilemma... i have an aluminum lunchbox that i need to make holes in... clean holes of a certain size (about 1/8-1/4")... i can't do any hammering cause it'll dent it... i don't know if i can use a drill cause the aluminum is too thin and the drill may be too powerful and walk... all the punching tools i've come across are either too small or need a hammer... what should i do?! any ideas?


let me clear up my never-marrying-a-persian-man comment... men from all around the world may have certain common characteristics and that's fine... but it's the upbringing and the culture behind them that makes them all different... double-standards, conservatism, self-righteousness, egotism and lack of respect for women as individuals just do not tickle my fancy... now i'm only talking about men of my generation... the next generation seems to be a lot better (if it's not an illusion all)... and yes, for all of u with "generalization" arguments: i know--there are exceptions to everything.

Besides... there was a hint of sarcasm, uncertainty and not-taking-things-too-seriously in that post? hello?

back to the regular lighter, more nonsense posts right after this...

all i need in this life of sin, is me and my girlfriend... me and my girlfriend... down to ride 'til the very end, it's me and my girlfriend... me and my girlfriend
i really would like to know... what common incident is it that causes these one-legged pigeons?!!! they are everywhere!!!
ok now... who works around the corner for larry ellison and his new romance novelist wife? :-)

just curious... and foozool!


reza doesn't wanna have kids cause he thinks we don't have a country... i don't wanna have kids cause i think it's unfair and selfish to bring anyone (who hasn't asked for it) into this world, no matter what country!
that's it. i've made up my mind. i will NOT marry a persian/iranian/or whatever-it-is man. that's IF someday i decide to get married. actually, the ONLY man i may consider is american.

(or maybe the french guy with the turtle tattoo... although he was probably half my age... or that other guy in germany... although he was probably married already... or maybe the pharmacy guy... although he wears too much jewelry... etc etc etc)
"when i move u move, just like that"

had i said that before?!


i like to put on makeup
get dressed up
stand tall
go out
and play hard to get
i watched moulin rouge again... god i love that movie... makes me wanna fall in love and never fall out... if that's even a possibility...


let's go jelly-fishing


pay a visit to my cousin... she's lovely


i hate blind dates and i've never been on one... but if u find someone with orlando bloom's eyes set me up with him!
i used to talk to little people in my head... now i talk to my blog... is there a difference?!
for all those who are often puzzled by my tears and uncontrolable crying at times:

"maybe that’s what crying is for? when there is so much there and nothing to say it turns into a form of self-expression and instead of the words the tears flow."
if i see one more LV monogram purse on the train i'm going to throw up on it... or better yet, in it!
who checks my blog from harvard is what i want to know... aren't u supposed to study?!



don't tell anyone, but u know what? i think my singing dude friend at the train station... he only knows one song! :-(


"Cinnamon and sugary and softly spoken lies
You never know just how you look through other people's eyes"


next time i come to iran i'll bring u 'buddha bar' CDs
i've been mesmerized by this story and i've been telling it to everyone but i don't know why i haven't written it here... so here it is:

at the train station where i get off at everyday, there are these regular musician who play different instruments and sing... it's like they have their own schedule and there's no conflict... i bet if i jot down the days and times they are there i can see that they definitely have a schedule...

but anyway...

these musicians play different instruments... and they are all good... there's the mexican guy with the guitar who sings in spanish... there's the rock guy with his guitar and red curly hair... there's the black guy with his percussion... there's the young guy with his harp... there's the funky girl with her violin... there's the duo playing classical... quite a variety... i've gotten to know these people...

but one day i was taken by surprise... as i was inserting my ticket to enter the train platform i saw this new guy who was sitting on the floor with a keyboard on his lap... he looked kinda dirty with yellow teeth (some missing) and probably an addiction... so i insert my ticket and come out the other side and as i do this the guy starts playing his keyboard and opens his mouth to sing... and WOW! the voice that came out made everyone look around dazed and confused... i stood right there staring at the guy, mesmerized by his voice... WOW! this clean catchy voice that attacks ur heart and stays there for a long time... flowing out of his body like some energy current...

so that was the only time i saw this guy and this was in the afternoon when i was going home...

this morning... what do u know?!!! i get off the train in the morning and the dude is sitting on the same spot... i didn't notice cause i had my headphones on but his voice came through and made me look and sure enough... it was him... i yanked my ear-pieces out of my ears and listened... once again WOW! for days i'd kept 5 bucks in my pocket to give to this homeless guy that i always see around the train station... but he hadn't been around for a while... so i went over to give the singing dude the 5 bucks and his cup was FULL of money... WOW! i dropped the 5 bucks and walked away all happy and filled with his voice... WOW! i guess the 5 bucks was meant for him... and he really deserved it... he deserves a lot more... a recording contract is what he deserves!

that's it... that was my story... WOW!
"i know what u need" my lawyer friend proudly says... "u need a hug" she says

"what was so special about the guy with the turtle tattoo" she asks... "well... he hugged well" i say "despite the language barrier" i say

"yup" she says... "u need a hug" she says...

"remember the guy sitting next to me on the plane" i ask... "i let his arm touch mine while i slept... it was warm" i say...

"man! u really do need a hug" she says

"yup... i do" i say

side note: hug like u mean it... and make it fit...
everyone in paris was so stylish... even if their clothes were old and worn-out they wore it with style... people cared about their appearance... you took joy in watching people stride proudly in their turtlenecks and scarves... big baggy clothes are hanging crotches disturb me now... pick urself up for god's sake people!
"late at night i talk to uuuuu... u will know the difference when i touch u."


my goal for 2004?

to go to the dentist!
"no possible, no possible"

the witch of a bouncer at the VIP room on champs elysees while pointing at us and not letting us in
"we can do a lot in 10 minutes"

some french guy
"corona to beer is like california roll to sushi"

profound words by 311 chick! :-)
if u haven't guessed by now: i spent new years in paris with my 2 favorite girlfriends... and if u ever go there u have to check out "buddha bar"... exquisite!
at one of the fancy clubs... after spending $300-400 on food and drinks for 3... our table was taken away from us by force and given to a bunch of rowdy french regulars who broke a few glasses while toasting... ("tables are for people who order bottles" we were told in a heavy french accent)... all high and inconsiderate... mostly boys... they asked the waitress for our VERY small table... so we were handed our drinks which were on the table and the table was pulled from our corner and added to the 4 tables that they already have... how gentlemanly and classy of them! i thought we were in paris!
do u also believe in signs? i do.

i'm having a shitty night and i look down and the guy dancing with me has a tattoo of a chinese turtle on his forearm like he's heaven-sent... i don't know why i got scared and didn't get his number when he offered... not sure what he saved me from either... but we communicated even though we didn't understand each other's language... body language can speak a thousand words at times... i won't forget him... i don't think he'll forget me either.
the french are very interesting people... they either want to forcefully take u home and make love to u or they won't answer u when u're in need of help or directions... people of extreme perhaps... not sure... quite rude at times... quite inhospitable... but interesting indeed...