do u believe in monsters? ghosts and goblins? spirits and werewolves?

i do.
the biggest most grandest thing we can do in this life... is to be ourselves.

how many people do u think can do that?
i have two girlfriends that i adore and appreciate to death... recently i asked them to do a huge favor for me and accompany me somewhere... one of them said "u know me, i'm there"... one of them said "i'll even go to the toilet with u"... (the feeling is mutual... i'll do anything for them too)... why can't a boyfriend be like that? and not just that... i know that when the girls will go with me they will have a great time no matter what... but the guy... even if he goes (after a lot of begging and reasoning)... who knows... it's iffy...

if a man and a woman could have that sort of a relationship... i think a lot of things might have been solved... this mutual give and take and making each other happy... this enjoying each other's company... this being there for each other... why is it impossible? i'm totally puzzled... and disillusioned...


i'm a beautiful person
with beautiful wants
and beautiful needs
not an ounce of greed
just let me be
like i let u be


stop lookin at me you freak
you stalker
you mean
too full of yourself
stop lookin at me right now
or i'll break your confidence in half
with force and brutality
mixed with some profanity
what you gonna do next?
walk over and offer me the best
of the world
and nothing else?
no no
that's not gonna work
you better get up and go
before my posse gets here weirdo!
and if u're wondering... yes... i still miss tehran... not as intensely... but i do... A LOT... i'll never forget how it felt
u want me? u have to get a tattoo. go, run, what are u waiting for?
i'm so glad he writes again... i can drown in his musings... if u meet him, u'll know what i mean


"Conflict with friends is never easy, especially when it's a conflict of loyalty. You always expect your friends to take your side and understand your reasons for your actions. It's healthy to have differing opinions as they tend to make for great conversation, but when it comes to matters of the heart there should be no devil's advocate. That's the time when you need shoulders for leaning and sympathy, not a hard sell from the other side of the coin. If they can understand this then things should resolve themselves. If not, then the friendship itself is compromised."

Words of the famous Chris D