i won't be around for a while...

guess where i'll be?!!!

anyone up for coffee?!


I am going on this trip with my friend. It's gonna be cool: drinks, damsels, discos, and all the stuff we can't get here. Once we're there, we'll hit on two hot chicks--sisters preferably. Then we can hang out together. Maybe eventually, we'll try and make out with them. My chick isn't very inviting though. Still, I gotta try my best "seizing the day".

Back at the airport, a bunch of guys are threatening to kill me. I have to think hard what's this all about. Oh my goodness, I have a wife. And the chick I was trying to make out with is my best-friend's (also ex-partner) wife. Am I scum or what? Yet, I think I have the right to sneer other people's weblogs; I can be a jerk to delete other people's links and not give them instructions about weblogging in my mother tongue. That's me, D-Chan.


have u seen the photoblog yet?

thanx webgard... thanx for the motivation... and thanx for having me on ur photoblog...

but webgard asked me... why are ur images all negatives... and i said, my subject is me and my home... how can it be all possitives?!
i love my blog
i didn't think last night's experience was profound in any way... but i guess it was... i don't know why after the concert i was depressed... and then today again when i was listening to depeche mode i got really depressed and cried... i never believed that things could touch ur subconscious like that (even though it's a widespread belief) ... but i guess they do... because i don't understand why this touched me so much... i can't analyze it... i've never thought meeting celebrities is such a big deal... but i guess dave gahan is more than a celebrity to me... he's touched my life and inspired me for so many years now with his (or depeche mode's) music... i'm even influenced by him... but i still don't understand why i should be depressed... if anything i should be happy, no? does anyone have the answer?!

i mean i usually don't have much to say and now that i do it's about this seemingly tiny/insignificant event in my life!
i met dave gahan last night... no big deal... i've only been listening to him for the past 20 years of my life! it was a small venue... too good to be true... there were maybe only 100 people there... we took pictures with him... i got his autograph... he sounded absolutely awesome and he looked great... very healthy... which made me happy... i hope he never tries to kill himself again... he was very down to earth too... and gentle... u should had seen the reaction of the audience to his little smiles on the stage... i have to say that he seemed very shy too... he was nervous when everyone was going up to him to take pictures or ask for autographs... he didn't say no to anyone though... oh, and he was much smaller than i had imagined him... i always thought he was very tall... but he was average... he sang 3 of his own songs and 2 of depech mode's, policy of truth and enjoy the silence... i'm still excited about meeting him... and i'm excited to tell u about it... my hands were shaking when he was signing one of his pics in my 'songs of faith and devotion' CD sleeve... it was the coolest thing... meeting dave gahan... from my #1 favorite band... wow





lately i've been meeting a lot of people i DON'T wanna be like


and yet another logical friend with a blog! so logical that i have no idea what he's talking about! :-)
the zucchini is a strange but green vegetable
the OC anyone?
so i got these prescription glasses with a pink frame and then i got this mauve eye shadow last night and i'm wearing them today both and it looks like i'm all bruised like i've been beat up in a fight... i like it
this thing
this feeling
shaking my insides
wanting to spread
i want to open the door
and walk out
and run
and go away
maybe somewhere
where there's music
and drums
and something bigger
i don't know
this feeling
this strange but familiar feeling
from within