what happened to that english dude?! hmm... was it even a dude?!


a word of advice to all the guys out there:

never, in front of a girl, say "oh, let me see if i have change, i hate to break my twenty" and then act all disappointed about it if u have to!


finally i got authorization from deev to publicize his other weblog in that other language that i don't know what to call anymore!
humble request: can u guys like not archive ur stuff so fast?!
so i guess hoder has decided that the blogs that don't talk about anything significant are of no significance and he has removed them from his list... i went there to find instruction on posting in farsi and i noticed that my link (among many others) is not there anymore... oh i'm so hurt (please use a sarcastic voice when reading the later)... LIKE I GIVE A FUCK!

and his instructions are all wrong!
like i said, mc gooz or in other words our own deev and i have been friends for over 12 years... he's one of my few best buddies... he knows everything about me and i know everything about him... let me put it this way: we can easily black mail each other if we wish... we've been thru ups and downs... we've driven around town listening to 'ishan' and 'hit me baby one more time' and dr. dre and snoop... we've cried on each other's shoulders... we've cursed at each other... we've sought shelter at each other's houses when things were bad... we've met all sorts of freaks together... we've found great friends together... in college everyone thought we were dating cause we were always together and close... but the fact of the matter is that we've always just been the best of friends...

here's a little story to share:

so i'm in this really anti-social, negative, sarcastic stage in my life and i think i'm driving my friends nuts... small talk drives me crazy... shallow people piss me off... i'm critical of everything and everyone... not that i think i'm a super human being, no... i'm just intolerant and pissy... i take hate with me everywhere i go and therefore i'm hated in return... i don't have comments or opinions to spare unless i'm with really close friends... when someone asks me how's it going i shrug... if they ask me what's new i say nothing... if they start the small talk i leave... i mean how much can u talk about nail polish and eye shadow colors? how much can u talk about random things just to have said something... can't we all be quiet? how much can u pretend to be happy to see people who u don't even care for or know or wanna know? and hug them and kiss them and smile? i believe all that is called being anti-social... the thing is that a few years back i didn't mind... my life was full of these things and i didn't care... it even made me happy and made my life meaningful... to know all these insignificant people on the surface... it was great... but now... it's a different game... i'm tired... i'm exhausted... i'm drained... i'd rather sit and think or read weblogs or watch TV for that matter... what is wrong with this picture? and where is it gonna lead? i'm being perceived as a sarcastic asshole who thinks she's better than the world... and if i'm thinking that u can only imagine what others are thinking... but then if i don't give a fuck what does it matter what anyone thinks? i'm probably the biggest hypocrite on the planet... cheers to that though...
my horoscope today:

"It is time for you to finally apply the knowledge that you have accumulated and come to recognize as truth, dear Pisces. It could be that you have simply been sitting on a large pile of facts while contemplating their meaning. It is now time to get this information out into the open. There is no doubt that this action is likely to make waves, but that is fine. Transformation is a key theme of the day, so feel free to contribute your part."

hmm... i wish it was true... finally... can't wait


this is awesome! thanx d!

all the word freaks... check it out... let me know if u write something so i can read it...


i just wanted to let u know that... i'm chopped liver



my new obsession? frida kahlo.


so i tell deev that maybe the iron fist irony didn't make sense to anyone and he's like what's there not to make sense? how come no one made a comment? and i tell him that he'll be surprised as to what people respond to... and i know that he's cursing me right now as i write this for getting him hooked on weblogs... btw... he has a secret weblog (and quit a following already) which he doesn't want me to reveal... i'll tell u more about deev and our adventures later... i've known him for over 12 years now...
god damn it, where's my happy ending?!
shahin, u're absolutely right... the new radiohead album is exquisite... i just got it the other day... 1, 4 and 6 are my favorite tracks... there's more but i don't remember which... the whole thing kinda blends together into one emotional vastness... very textured and rich... and definitely soul soothing... nice!



go ahead... steal my readership too!

ladies and gents... he finally did it... looks like the deev is gonna be in the house


i'm a HUGE six feet under fan

where else can u encounter complexes like casket climbing?!!!
3. sabrina
2. funny face
1. roman holiday



FYI... mojito + beer + jack 'n' coke = headache
her: do ur makeup the way u used to do it 2 years ago

me: 2 years ago i was much thinner, didn't have as much stress and life was a lot easier... that's why i looked better... it wasn't the makeup

her: i don't believe in the holistic crap... it's all about the makeup... do ur makeup the way u used to do it 2 years ago and u'll look good
some of the search words and phrases that send people to my blog:

--useless but not for long
--how do u sleep
--mom i love u
--ghormeh sabzi
--celebrities hard times

and my most favorite:

--the best website for the middle aged


do u ever not say something because if u say it u have to explain it so much that it becomes meaningless?!
once a depeche mode fan, ALWAYS a depeche mode fan

they still KICK ASS and will


i'm having one of those i-don't-give-a-fuck days


there's only one person u're gonna live the rest of ur life with... are u gonna look for that someone or settle for something mediocre?


paaloodeh or faaloodeh?!