u know those people who every single job they get they think there's something wrong with their co-workers... or they start complaining about every friend they hang out with too much... u know... so and so coworker is crazy... so and so has issues... so and so chews too loud... so and so is not considerate... so and so is too aggressive... so and so is too tight with money... so and so is too loving, wants to share everything... so and so is dumb... so and so is incompetent... so and so picks his nose all the time... so and so is too slow... so and so is too money hungry... so and so talks too much... the way so and so says good morning is annoying, like he's too happy or something, it's early morning for god's sake... so and so talks too loud on the phone... so and so always repeats things twice...

u know those people? do u? i'm one of them.


there's this 4-hour mini-series on CBS about hitler's life... the first part was on last night and believe it or not i watched it on vacation in reno... this guy robert carlyle who plays hitler is gonna win something... i know it... i don't know what but he's gonna win SOMEthing...

anyway... i have this good friend that every time we gather asks morality related questions and starts discussions... one of his questions is this: if u travel back in time and end up in a bar next to young hitler, what would u do considering u know who he's gonna grow up to be and what tragedies he's going to cause... would u kill him? talk to him? have him killed? try to talk him out of it? tell someone about it? cheer him on? what? what would u do?

well dear friend... i have an answer for u finally! since i can't do it myself, i'll pay someone to kill him! my question is, can u take money with u when u travel back in time?!
so on our way to reno, nevada, my parents and i stopped by old town sacramento for the pacific rim street festival and as we're walking around smelling the exotic foods and trying on straw hats this older scarfed iranian lady who'd apparently heard us speak farsi approaches us and starts in farsi: i didn't think any iranians would come to this sort of thing... they would be home cooking ghormeh-sabzi (a persian dish) or boasting about how well they cook ghormeh-sabzi... (and i'm looking at her dumbfounded, cause SHE looks like someone who would be cooking ghormeh-sabzi at home)... well, have a great time... if u walk that way there's some hawaiian dancing going on...

and i couldn't help but think that she must be an artist or a writer or a divorcee...
why would anyone search for zartosht+sushi??? is there some sort of an enlightening link between the two that i'm not aware of?!!!


to the cigaris upstairs:

nothing like smoking a cigarette when ur hands are shaking uncontrollably, tears are running down ur cheeks and ur hearts cracking in half all at once... that's right... take a looong hard drag
we NOW have a friend in the pearl business!

oh yeah... don't doubt it for a second... it's THE shane company!!!

ok ok... it was a bay area joke :-)


all the things that make beverly different from me:

beverly doesn't care to be friendly to strangers
beverly sends short, to-the-point e-mails
beverly listens to reggae music
beverly drags her feet when she walks
beverly doesn't wear makeup
nor does she care about the blonde fuzz on her upper lip
beverly doesn't wear a bra
beverly is comfortable not wearing a bra
beverly doesn't cover up her bralessness
beverly always walks with one shoelace open and hanging
beverly has a turtle named herbie
beverly eats with her fingers
beverly makes a mess when she eats
beverly talks with her mouth full
beverly eats slow
beverly eats little at a time
but beverly eats often
beverly never offers her food to anyone
people can barely hear beverly on the phone
beverly mumbles
beverly's fingernails are all different lengths
beverly wears earth-tone colors only
i doubt beverly ever uses eye cream or hand lotion
beverly is thin and tall
beverly is always late to work
beverly has green eyes
beverly always wears a jade turtle pendant
beverly drinks a lot of water
beverly is quite a character
i worked with beverly for 4 days
and then i quit
from the same silly little simple wisdoms book:

"the most revolutionary act one can commit in our world is to be happy"
from a silly little simple wisdoms book:

"the real marriage of true minds is for any two people to possess a sense of humor or irony pitched in exactly the same key"
even though i complain a lot, i'm probably one of the happiest, most content people i know

or maybe i'm just fooling myself!


"life sucks these days. i just hate all. and you are one that i am expecting to bring along a change. so hurry up

gee... i thought i was the only one expecting a revelation by going back... never thought i would make a difference in my cousin's life over there... i guess life IS meaningful afterall

looking forward --->


check this out... it's me and the talented webgard's thaaang and i'm so very proud of it! finally a project that got somewhere... thanx man! we are forever linked! :-) and i'm honored. *bow*
"beautifuuuuuuuuuuuuuuul, i just want u to know, u're my favorite giiiiiiiiiiiiiiirl"

snoop and neptune bros rule! :-)
i love hollywood, i love record companies, i love superficial things, i love malls, i love shopping, i love tv, i love fashion, i love mtv, i love fox channel 2, i love sara and no-name, i love hugh jackman, i love hale berry, i love jennifer lopez, i love justin timberlake, i love bars, i love restaurants, i love pop music, i love pop culture, i love america, i love it that i don't have a cause just to have a cause, i love all of the above even if you think it's dumb, because when it comes down to it, it's my life, and i love my life!

u don't like it? go buy a pair of birkenstocks!


i hate you. where are you? i need you around. i so much counted on you being here nowadays. i dont wanna reinforce your disappointment. so tell me what's goin on.
dear shad jooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon
hi very glad to hear fro u again.i saw the pics they were nice oh boy i really miss u & a little bit peyman i'm upset regarding him because he came to iran & no call just got it a few days after his departing.
anyway this is life takecare of yourself rasti ali nazi & me were in oldies home ( mamanjan & babajan ) talked a lot about you & your coming.
love you very much+miss u
send hi to everyone especially the beautiful ones.
waiting to see u soon.


"I ain't happy, I'm feeling glad
I got sunshine, in a bag
I'm useless,but not for long
The future is coming on
I ain't happy, I'm feeling glad
I got sunshine, in a bag
I'm useless, but not for long
The future is coming on
It's coming on
It's coming on
It's coming on"