sizzling garlic fries and bloody mary
green celery
happy yellow coat
her smile wide
her lips kissable
like a soap opera star

my friend thin
smoking marital problems away
cysts growing inside
[we found out the following year]

"best thing that ever happened"
"last thing i ever wanted"

savior dogs
one blind, one deaf
both overweight

the only way up to the bedroom
a 12 foot ladder

she's a waitress at a fancy restaurant
he "works with computers"
they stay up til 5:00 am aimlessly entertaining coworkers

when my friend leaves, i don't see them again

our lives intermingle for a few seconds
pleasantries are exchanged
forgotten the next day

she goes back to the rain and the green mountain
mumbles in french
teaches kids to tie their shoelaces

i move south
live like a grownup
meet the addition to my trail of foes

it goes on
this endless airless mass of events
leading to one another

eventually ceasing

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