so far I have managed to escape paper-cuts

imagine lots of paper
imagine paper all over the place
paper on rolls
paper in reams
loose paper
imagine large pieces of paper
30" x 42"
30" x 49"
in different thicknesses
imagine them piled up
300 of them
imagine the thickness
imagine the weight
imagine having to carry them to the cutter
to the copier
to the scanner
imagine the weight
(i know i said that but imagine it again)
imagine stacking them up so they are in a perfect pile
no strays peeking from the sides
imagine stacking 300 of them that way
(there's no trick... u treat them like letter size paper... but u have to be strong... u have to pick them up from 2 corners and tap them on the floor in front of u… tap them really hard... don’t worry… they won’t tear)
imagine then rolling them
and then wrapping them in brown paper
imagine a sign saying: originals enclosed

imagine ur job done
imagine that!

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