i read her weblogs... saresho bordam! she fell in love with a couple of them... especially a certain story about the joy of strawberries and cream... she would never make a weblog of her own... i wish she would though... she has so much to say... but she's not like that...


she didn't wanna go to the wedding cause she didn't have the right shoes... she pulled down boxes and boxes of shoes from the top of her closet but somehow all were wrong... one was too black... one was too matte... one was too short-heeled (never too high-heeled)... all of them were wrong... all 35 of them... they had to be new shoes... and new earrings... new shoes and new earrings to go with the new dress... it had to be! the whole family was gonna be there! but don't get me wrong... she not like that either...


Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?

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